Monday, September 7, 2009

V♀TE - Women In Politics

Dear V♀TE Women in Politics Members and Supporters,We are updating our website and like to add your views too. Also we will add a link for the upcoming elections that V♀TE members are running so please send your information -

Also we have a great news as our founder/ president Tugba Kalafatoglu was chosen to be
" Outstanding Young Person of the World " in Politics, Law and Government Affairs. The award ceremony will held in Tunisia on Tuesday, November 17th.

The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) program serves to formally recognize young people who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes of the world's young people. The program is sponsored by Junior Chamber International. Honorees that are selected have represented the heights of progress in numerous human endeavors. Many have gone on to even greater achievements. All have continued to serve humanity in a great variety of ways.

V♀TE Women in Politics

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear V♀TE Women in Politics Members and Supporters,We had a great success in Albania and achieved our goal as helping out to the women in politics and help young people to involve in politics and more to come as we are planning to go to Africa and Europe to help out to the women in politics to run for office.

As always your help is very much appreaciated. So please send us e-mail any ideas and suggestions you have and invite your friends to become member of VOTE WOMEN IN POLITICS at facebook. We also like to hear your voices at our blogs too so please write there anything you like to share.

Another good news is that our founder/president Tugba Kalafatoglu is top three candidate for outstanding young person of the WORLD by JCI. We are so proud of her and wish her the best!Also we are looking for pro bono work or any of you can help us to get 501 C 3, any help is very much appreciated so please send your e-mails to or send me directly via facebook, thank you!Please always be in touch! Looking forward to hearing from you and please add Vote-Making a Difference as your friend too! Thanks! Wish you a great summer!

V♀TE Women in Politics

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have been in Albania for 3 weeks now and entered our 4th week!

As we are in Albania more than three weeks now, we have been done and still doing trainings to the women candidates and special one to one trainings too. We have been on TV as Top Channel, Vizion Plus, Ora News and Koha TV for special interviews to explain what VOTE Women in Politics and our mission is. As you know that we chose Albania because of the lowest women presentation in Albania and our goal to help to the women in any party at any ranking on the list to be a better effective leader. We think them as future women leaders in Albania and not just in this election they will make a difference, they will also be the voice of people who wants a better future.Had been on the panels and conferences and gave speeches regarding the running for office and how to plan a winning campaign plan, youth in politics too.Had visited and met youth political forum at different parties in Albania to talk about being a young person in politics and what they can do in the future.We put the pictures on our facebook page and videos from the live interviews that taped here in Albania.More updates coming soon.

VOTE Women In Politics

Uploaded the pictures and videos!

VOTE Supporters, you can check it out the pictures and the videos from our work here in Albania!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

is non-partisan organization, and all trainings and program is FREE to the women candidates around the world. The organization runs by individual donations and volunteer work.

Women In Politics’ mission is to help out to the women to run for political office.
is dedicated to helping women build the skills and infrastructure they need to become more effective leaders in political world and inspiring young women to participate in politics and run for office.

aims to build a worldwide network of women who are running for office or currently serving in public office, while training young women to enter the political field.
helps candidates in the following ways:

  • Providing intensive political training and support to help candidates build a successful & winner campaigns;
  • Providing strategic support to campaigns by advising and working one to one with the candidates on planning, fundraising, message development, media and political strategy.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Women In Politics

V♀TE is an organization that dedicated to help women to run for office and to be elected around the world. We have created and
- where women around the world can connect and discuss running for office. This website will be the first step in creating a worldwide network of women who are running for office or currently serving in public office, while training young women to enter the political field. The purpose of the organization is to help out to the women to run for office.