Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have been in Albania for 3 weeks now and entered our 4th week!

As we are in Albania more than three weeks now, we have been done and still doing trainings to the women candidates and special one to one trainings too. We have been on TV as Top Channel, Vizion Plus, Ora News and Koha TV for special interviews to explain what VOTE Women in Politics and our mission is. As you know that we chose Albania because of the lowest women presentation in Albania and our goal to help to the women in any party at any ranking on the list to be a better effective leader. We think them as future women leaders in Albania and not just in this election they will make a difference, they will also be the voice of people who wants a better future.Had been on the panels and conferences and gave speeches regarding the running for office and how to plan a winning campaign plan, youth in politics too.Had visited and met youth political forum at different parties in Albania to talk about being a young person in politics and what they can do in the future.We put the pictures on our facebook page and videos from the live interviews that taped here in Albania.More updates coming soon.

VOTE Women In Politics

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