Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear V♀TE Women in Politics Members and Supporters,We had a great success in Albania and achieved our goal as helping out to the women in politics and help young people to involve in politics and more to come as we are planning to go to Africa and Europe to help out to the women in politics to run for office.

As always your help is very much appreaciated. So please send us e-mail any ideas and suggestions you have and invite your friends to become member of VOTE WOMEN IN POLITICS at facebook. We also like to hear your voices at our blogs too so please write there anything you like to share.

Another good news is that our founder/president Tugba Kalafatoglu is top three candidate for outstanding young person of the WORLD by JCI. We are so proud of her and wish her the best!Also we are looking for pro bono work or any of you can help us to get 501 C 3, any help is very much appreciated so please send your e-mails to or send me directly via facebook, thank you!Please always be in touch! Looking forward to hearing from you and please add Vote-Making a Difference as your friend too! Thanks! Wish you a great summer!

V♀TE Women in Politics

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